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15ml Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor

Binzhenghong airtight pressure vessel uses strong acid or strong alkali and high temperature and high pressure airtight environment to achieve the purpose of rapidly digesting insoluble substances. It is a good assistant for digesting samples when determining trace elements and trace elements. It is a closed container that can decompose insoluble substances, and it is used for sample pretreatment in chemical analysis methods such as gas phase, liquid phase, plasma spectrum mass spectrometry, atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence.
  • BZH-71

  • BZH

  • Isotope Industry 

  • 15ml

  • PTFE Within 200℃ TFM Within 230℃

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Nature

  • TFM/PTFE Inner Tank + S304 Outer Tank

  • Molded

  • 1pc

  • 720g

  • 14 Working Day

  • LOGO  Packaging  Pattern 

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Product Description

High pressure digestion tank, it can decompose of refractory material is a kind of airtight container, in the gas phase, liquid phase, plasma mass spectrometry, atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrum in the chemical analysis methods such as sample preparation, used in food, medicine, the centers for disease control and prevention, more dairy products, environmental center, agricultural products, seafood, aquatic products and other industries to green tea art, rare earths, fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, eggs, meat, milk powder, etc in the lead, cadmium, chromium, methyl mercury, inorganic arsenic and other heavy metal detection. 

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