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Customer Case Studies

Heavy metal element detection
On March 13, 2019, CDC users wanted to try our microwave digestion tank. In the process of communicating with the user, we learned that the user is doing the experiment of "detection of heavy metal elements in food". After getting the jar, the user started the test on the machine. The experiment process went very smoothly, and there is no problem in using it. Witnessing the quality of our microwave digestion tanks with users is a special experience, which is even more unforgettable for us! A good product is not only "super high cost performance", but also high-quality service! The quality of our microwave digestion vessel can stand your test!

Our advantage

Thirty years of professional production experience
  Independent production and R & D manufacturers
  Professional development team and mature workmanship technology
  Under the same quality, the price is more advantageous
Various special specifications of experimental equipment can be customized
  Abundant supply, no need to wait

Customized service

  • Open mold to customize products with special specifications
  • Produce products according to the samples provided
  • Provide drawings to produce products

Innovative Design Services

  • Specially designed heating panels for laboratory fume hoods

Maintenance Service

  • Heating plate
  • Acid Purification System
  • Various consumables and instruments
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