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About Us
  • Overview
    Nanjing Binzhenghong Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in the early 1970s. In the mid-1980s, it jointly developed high-tech PTFE products with Shanghai Plastics Research Institute.It is a professional manufacturer of high-quality laboratory Teflon utensils and instruments in China that "develops, customizes, and sells".
    We provide whole-process solutions for "elemental analysis" experiments.

    We have always been adhering to the vision of "making sample pretreatment no longer difficult", and will continue to challenge "the lowest background value of trace analysis containers".

    In the past few decades, our products have been affirmed by many customers in the industry (such as CUG, IGCAS, SGS, etc.), and we will sincerely look forward to cooperating with you now and in the future!
  • Professional Technical Team
    First, the management team sets overall strategic goals for Nanjing Binzhenghong and deploys company resources to ensure they are achieved.

    Secondly, the sales department is fully responsible for the business development, sales and marketing of Nanjing Binzhenghong. Also responsible for pursuing new growth opportunities through strategic partnerships.

    The Technology department leads Nanjing Binzhenghong's engineering team and takes great pride in developing innovative, high-performance products for its global customers. Exceeding customer expectations is the number one goal of the engineering team.

    Finally, the production department plays an important role in Nanjing Binzhenghong's focus on production efficiency and product quality. Mainly manage raw material procurement and supervise production, including batch control, production scheduling, secondary operations, product traceability and clean room management.
  • Market Served
    Geochemistry Geochemistry
    Nanjing Binzhenghong products are used in almost every geochemical laboratory worldwide, from sample digestion vials, storage vials and cleaning systems to microcolumns and ICP sample introduction systems. Nanjing Binzhenghong's expertise in contamination control during PFA molding and manufacturing has enabled it to produce a number of products that help improve the accuracy and precision of measurements for geochemical research.
    semiconductor Semiconductor
    More than any other industry, semiconductor users are pushing the limits of trace metal determination. Nanjing Binzhenghong's expertise in fluoropolymer molding, in-house tooling, design and manufacturing enables it to produce the cleanest PFA products available - helping semiconductor laboratories meet lower measurement targets. For the past 10 years, Nanjing Binzhenghong has focused on designing the highest performance PFA injection products for ICP-MS. Nanjing Binzhenghong inert ICP-MS sampling systems are used in more semiconductor laboratories worldwide than any other manufacturer.

    environment Environmental
    In recent years, ICP-MS has become the standard technique for trace metal analysis in the environmental testing industry. The higher sensitivity of ICP-MS also puts more emphasis on the quality of the reagents used. Nanjing Binzhenghong's SCH series acid purification system provides fresh, high-purity acid at a fraction of the cost of commercial bottled acid, thereby saving a lot of costs for the laboratory, while Nanjing Binzhenghong's PFA laboratory utensils and filtration products are widely used in the industry for sampling and storage.
    Chemical Chemical
    Fluoropolymers, especially PFA, are increasingly used in the chemical industry due to increasing demands for cleanliness, high temperature capability and chemical inertness. Nanjing Binzhenghong manufactures the broadest range of fluoropolymer components for the chemical industry, enabling chemists to build their own custom systems for fluid handling, filtration and gas sampling.

    medical Medicine
    Chemical inertness of all plastics, wide temperature range and best biocompatibility are properties of fluoropolymers which are being used in the pharmaceutical industry. Nanjing Binzhenghong's custom molded fluoropolymer products are used in a variety of pharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

    life-sciences Life Sciences
    Nanjing Binzhenghong's PFA, FEP, and ETFE containers are manufactured for applications in FDA regulated industries and are widely used in life sciences for their purity, superior container closure integrity, and cleanliness. Our ready-to-use (RTU), pre-sterilized products ensure increased flexibility, reduced risk of contamination and lower costs.
History of Nanjing Binzhenghong
Nanjing Binzhenghong Instrument Co., Ltd. is a global leader in customized fluoropolymer products. With over 30 years of experience molding fluoropolymers, our experience and commitment to quality is unmatched. Our customized products are widely used all over the world in a very wide range of applications.
Design And Manufacturing Process
We handle the entire process from quotation requests to finished product production. Our tools are designed and manufactured internally, so we can quickly work hard to meet your needs. From material recommendations to tool design, we consult with customers at each stage of the process to meet the needs of customers.
Production Process
Through the use of injection molding and our unique stretch blow molding technology, as well as extensive secondary processing including fluoropolymer welding and laser marking, we offer an unmatched range of capabilities in custom molded products.
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