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250ml PFA Beaker

The blank value of PFA metal elements is low, the content of lead and uranium is less than 0.01ppb, there is no dissolution and precipitation, and no regrind is added. It not only has good resistance to temperature and various chemical agents, but also has a smooth inner wall for easy cleaning.
  • BZH05

  • BZH

  • Isotope Industry  Semiconductor Industry 

  • 250ml

  • 200~+260℃

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Translucent

  • Molded

  • 1pc

  • 121.5g

  • 7 Working Day

  • LOGO  Packaging  Pattern 

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Product Description


1. The highly difficult seamless integrated molding production technology ensures the stability of product quality and longer service life;

2. PFA has stable chemical properties, can effectively reduce cross-contamination, has the lowest friction coefficient among plastics, and has good electrical properties. Its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature. It is known as the "King of Plastics" and is mainly used for trace Analysis, isotope analysis and other high-end experiments

3. High and low temperature resistance: the operating temperature is -200 ~ +260 ℃, and its mechanical strength can be maintained in a large temperature difference: from low to high temperature, PFA can maintain its flexibility without reducing its toughness

4. Corrosion resistance: resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid and various organic solvents;

5. Compared with similar products of polytetrafluoroethylene, it has a high degree of transparency. During the specific experiment process, the experimenter can observe the reaction of the sample in the cup at any time, which is convenient for the experiment; The error is small, which can meet the quantitative requirements of routine experiments;

6. Easy to clean: PFA itself is non-sticky and has the ability to waterproof, oil and other substances. The surface is smooth and smooth, easy to clean, and meets the demanding requirements of trace analysis experiments.

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