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Bailers Tube Instruction Manual---Nanjing Binglab

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Bailers Tube Instruction Manual---Nanjing Binglab

FEP Bailers Tube for Sampling of Surface Water or Underground Water

FEP Bailers Tube- deep water sampler, mainly used for sampling groundwater and seawater

Bailers tube instructions

FEP Bailers Tube
1. Check the integrity of the Bailers Tube before use, whether the Bailers Tube accessories are complete, Bailers Tube + nylon rope;
2. Check the length of the nylon rope before use to ensure that the sampling length can be reached;
3. Tie the nylon rope to the upper end of the Bailers tube to ensure that it is connected to the Baylor tube;
4. The threaded port on the upper of the Bailers Tube is connected to the bottom to prevent it from falling off during sampling;
5. Tighten the valve of the Bailers tube when sampling, and do the leak test in advance;
6. This Bailers tube is suitable for sampling in deep wells and oceans. The sampling principle is to inject samples from the water inlet at the upper end of the Bailers tube, and release water slowly from the valve at the lower end.

Technical Parameters:
1. Adopt high-purity FEP (polyfluoroethylene), which has corrosion resistance and cleanliness. It does not contain any fillers or other plastic impurities, and the product is not bonded with any adhesives or solvents to ensure the purity of the utensils.
2. The size of all products is strictly controlled and can be customized according to customer requirements.
3. Every bailer tube has been strictly tested for leak detection.
4. It can be reused for more than several times, and only needs simple cleaning.
5. The back check ball is locked in place so it won’t roll to the other end of the tube.
6. The top and bottom outlet valves and check balls are all made of high-purity polytetrafluoroethylene, and the bottom is designed as a tetrafluoro valve, which can control the sampling volume and is easy to operate.
7. The top and bottom are tapered to avoid hanging in the well, and the translucent tube body allows visual inspection of water or product samples.

Every bailer tube has been strictly tested for leak detection

Main feature:
1. Take a quick sample, put it in the water intake position, and take it out after taking it out.
2. Fast emptying, the top cover adopts a hole design, and the bottom adopts a Teflon water outlet valve, which can control the sampling volume and flow rate.
3. Pretreatment, can be used directly.
4. Transparent, you can see the liquid level of the sampling tube.
5. Light weight, easy to carry, low transportation cost.
6. Easy to use, ready to use, no other treatment required.
7. Strictly leak-proof and tightly sealed.
8. Cost-effective, it is a repeatable sampling tube.
9. Safer, users have no contact with harmful samples.
Application range: surface water and groundwater sampling at sampling points with an environment greater than 2 inches.

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