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Extract high-purity acid with acid purifier 1000ml- acid purifier acid production rate 50ml/h to reduce metal content

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Extract high-purity acid with acid purifier 1000ml- acid purifier acid production rate 50ml/h to reduce metal content

Acid purifier is the equipment used to purify acid in laboratory work

1. Product Introduction
Acid purification system: also known as high-purity acid distillation purifier, acid still, sub-boiling distillation device, referred to as acid purifier is one of the necessary products for ultra-purification laboratories and trace analysis laboratories, the extracted high-purity acid and high-purity water can be used with our company’s Teflon series of vessels.

2. Working principle
The acid purifier utilizes the principle of heat radiation, uses environmental protection and energy-saving heating plates to heat, keeps the liquid temperature below the boiling point and evaporates, and then condenses the acid vapor to prepare high-purity reagents such as high-purity water and high-purity acid. After one distillation of acid with a content of about 10PPB, the content of metal impurities can be reduced to 0.01PPB.

3. Product description
It can meet the low detection needs of ICP and ICP-MS and provide laboratory-grade ultrapure acid in harsh analysis applications. The containers used are made of Teflon corrosion-resistant and non-adsorbent plastics, which can handle HNO3, HCL, HF and other commonly used acids in laboratories. Experiments have proved that the metal impurity content can be reduced to about 0.01PPB after one distillation of acid with a metal impurity content of about 10PPB. If the acid requirements are higher, the number of purifications can be increased. Widely used in trace and ultra-trace analysis in geology, photovoltaics, quality inspection and other industries.

acid purification system

4. Features of high-purity acid distillation purifier
① The acid purifier is a fluoroplastic instrument for preparing high-purity water and high-purity acid or reagents. It has the advantages of mature technology, reasonable structure, simple installation (installed in the fume hood of the laboratory), and convenient operation.

② Although the quartz sub-boiling still avoids the pollution of glass impurities, it is expensive, easy to break, and has limitations for some strong acids; ion exchange water, and the interference of organic substances due to the dissolution of organic substances.

③ Our company’s acid purifiers are all made of polytetrafluoroethylene and FEP reagent bottles, without any quartz parts, pollution and corrosion, so it can greatly reduce the blank value. It is an important supporting instrument and equipment for the determination of trace elements and trace organic substances (atomic absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography, isotope, ICP-MS, etc.).

④ Easy to clean, the acid purifier can be disassembled and cleaned, which is convenient for the practical personnel to steam acid for many times to ensure the quality of the acid.

⑤ Simple maintenance and after-sales guarantee. Compared with other acid purifiers, our after-sales maintenance is quick and easy. Most of our company’s acid purifiers are made of PTFE, and the electronic controller is separated from the main part. It is convenient to replace damaged parts and is relatively integrated. Compared with integrated instruments, our products are easy to use.

⑥ The product is fully equipped, including FEP reagent bottle, PFA beaker, spare FEP transparent tube, reagent bottle sealing cap, no need to purchase other products, and it can be used after installation.

acid purification

5. Technical parameters
① Automatic power control, easy-to-edit temperature control program;
②Preparation of ultrapure acids (HNO3, HCL, HF) in trace analysis;
③Using high-purity TeflonFEP, PTFE, PFA materials;
④The waste liquid can be removed, and the liquid level can be seen; all Teflon materials;
⑤Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C, temperature control range: room temperature -200°C;
⑥The acid purification process is carried out in a closed environment to avoid secondary pollution of the experimental environment of the instrument itself, and no acid gas escapes during the entire process;
⑦Sustainable acid addition, take pure acid; not afraid of evaporation, with overheating protection function; no cooling water.

After the sub-boiling distillation of our company’s acid purifier, the content of impurities in HNO3 was detected by ICP-MS:

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