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Hevay Metal Digestion Tank with Crowbar

product description:
High-pressure digestion tank, also known as sealed high-pressure digestion tank, pressure digester, pressure digestion tank, digestion tank, PTFE high-pressure tank, it is a closed container that can decompose insoluble substances. It is used for sample pretreatment in chemical analysis methods such as spectrum mass spectrometry, atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence. , Detection of heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium, methyl mercury, inorganic arsenic in fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, eggs, meat, milk powder, etc. The digestion tank of our unit solves the problems of large quantity, high requirements, small volume and difficult digestion for customers in the digestion process.
  • BZH12

  • BZH

  • Isotope Industry 

  • 100ml

  • 230-+260℃

  • Molded

  • 1pc

  • 2.384kg

  • 7 Working Day

  • LOGO  Packaging  Pattern 

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Product Description

working principle:

The high-pressure digestion tank uses strong acid or strong alkali in the tank to achieve the purpose of quickly digesting insoluble substances in a closed environment of high temperature and high pressure. It is a powerful assistant for digesting samples when determining trace elements and trace elements. Sample pretreatment to digest heavy metals, pesticide residues, food, sludge, rare earth, aquatic products, organic matter, etc.


1. Good sealing: the inner cup of the high-pressure digestion tank is designed with concave-convex tongue and groove, and the inner cup cover is designed with a pointed bottom, which is convenient for sample collection after the experiment is over;

2. Safety: Unique design, fine workmanship, vent holes on the top of the cup, high safety factor Even if the temperature is out of control, only the inner cup will be deformed, and the outer can will not be damaged;

3. With high digestion efficiency and strong ability, it can digest many samples that are difficult to digest by traditional methods, and has a wide range of applications;

4. The element value of the inner cup is low, which improves the accuracy and precision of the analysis, reduces the work intensity and the pollution to the environment;

5. The inner cups/outer tanks are numbered sequentially, which is convenient for equal opportunities to use;

6. Low cost and easy to use. There is little investment in the early stage and late stage, the operation is easy, the operator hardly needs training before use, and the maintenance is simple;

7. The inner cup can be changed to imported polytetrafluoroethylene (the material of the inner tank of the microwave instrument), which is more resistant to penetration, deformation, lower background guarantee, and higher operating temperature.

8. Optimum materials for inner and outer tanks, 30 years of production experience, approval of more than 200 users, quality assurance, and trustworthy.

The high-pressure digestion method is recognized as a standard method by relevant departments in my country, such as GB/T5009, GB/T14962, GB/T6609, GB/T11914, GB/T17378, SN/T2004.1, 2-2005, SN/T 1634-2005, etc. . The American AOAC also stipulates that this method is a sample standard decomposition method for the determination of As, Cd, Hg, Pb, Se, Zn and other elements.

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