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How many functions does the condenser tube have?

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How many functions does the condenser tube have?

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Condenser is a kind of glass instrument that uses the principle of heat exchange to cool and condense condensable gas into liquid. There are three types: straight, spherical and serpentine. Reflux tube for reflux or distillation in organic chemical experiments. According to the application, there are spherical, snake, straight and so on. The inner tube of spherical reflux condenser tube is connected by several balls, which is used for reflux in organic preparation and is suitable for liquids with various boiling points. Serpentine condenser, also known as serpentine cooler, is suitable for scientific research, colleges and universities, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical and health and other units. It is used in conjunction with distillation flasks and curved pipes on devices for distillation, fractionation or reflux. For condensing steam and condensing droplets.

The PFA condenser tube is improved according to the structure of the glass condenser tube. The basic principle is the same as the glass one. Fillers, such as PTFE balls, can be added to the condenser tube to increase the area of condensation and reflux. It can be directly connected to the flask for condensation. The reflux device can also be connected with the PTFE adapter, and the condensation is recovered into the receiving bottle.

The straight condenser tube is composed of PFA tubes combined inside and outside. It is mostly used for distillation operation. The steam temperature is less than 140 degrees and cannot be used for reflux. There are connecting pipe joints on the upper and lower sides of the outer pipe respectively, which are used as water inlet and water outlet.

How to use: When using, connect the lower connection port to the faucet with a plastic tube as the water inlet. Because the water temperature at the water inlet is low, the temperature of the water heated by the steam is high; the hotter water will automatically flow upward due to the decrease in density, which is helpful for the circulation of cooling water.

Serpentine condenser, for reflux in organic preparations, suitable for liquids with lower boiling points.

It is mainly used in some pharmaceutical companies, fluorine chemical industry, new materials and other enterprises. It can be equipped with constant pressure separatory funnel, condenser tube, thermometer sleeve, stirring paddle, etc. to form a distillation reaction device.

Connection method:
PFA reaction bottle + PFA condenser tube + receiving bottle
PFA reaction bottle + PTFE constant pressure separatory funnel + PFA condenser tube + receiving bottle
PFA reaction bottle+FEP separatory funnel+PFA condenser tube+receiving bottle

PFA straight condenser

PFA serpentine condenser

reaction device

Condensation Reflux Device

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