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Hydrofluoric acid-resistant PFA condensing reflux distillation equipment---Nanjing Binglab

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biopharmaceutical chemical industry

Glass flask + constant pressure separatory funnel + condenser tube
Glass reactor is a multi-functional reactor, which can carry out various biochemical synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions, and can also perform reflux or distillation at different temperatures. It is an important instrument and equipment for biology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food industries and scientific research and production.

PTFE flask + constant pressure separatory funnel + condenser tube
Hydrofluoric acid (HF) used in condensation reflux or distillation reactions in industries such as new materials, microelectronic chemistry, biomedicine, and fluoride plants will chemically react with “silicon” in glass materials, so PTFE or PFA must be selected The reaction vessel made of material can withstand strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent.

PFA reaction bottle + separatory funnel + condenser + receiving bottle
Because the device made of pure PTFE cannot see the reaction in the container, a new PFA flask is introduced, which is resistant to hydrofluoric acid and has a higher purity of the material.

PFA flat bottom reaction flask: 1L, 4L
PFA separatory funnel 250ml (GL32 standard port)
Customized PFA serpentine condenser tube 250ml

Simple reaction device customized by university
PFA two-neck flask + PTFE constant pressure separating funnel + PFA exhaust gas absorption bottle + custom PTFE anti-sucking cap

PFA flask
Common specifications: 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml
(one neck integrally formed, multiple necks can be welded)
Favorable price, short delivery time, free matching PTFE sealing plug

Customized PTFE accessories
PTFE stirring paddles, PFA thermometer sleeves, PTFE adapters, PTFE distillation heads, PTFE tail joints, etc. can be customized and adapted to the caliber

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