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Nanjing Binglab Acid countercurrent cleaning device

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Nanjing Binglab Acid countercurrent cleaning device

Acid countercurrent vessel cleaning device, the use of subboiling HF, HCl, HNO3, high pure water

Main material:
(1) All parts of the cavity that are in contact with the vessel are made of high-purity experimental grade PTFE;
(2) The heating system can be made into an energy-saving and environment-friendly silicone heating sheet with a power of 350W or our company’s Teflon heating electric heating plate with a power of 2000W according to customer requirements.

Working principle:
Use sub-boiling HF, HCL, HNO3, H₂SO₄, high-purity water, alkalis, etc. commonly used acids and alkalis in laboratories, their hot steam to clean reaction tubes, test tubes, digestion tubes, beakers, crucibles, volumetric flasks and other common laboratory utensils.

The whole cleaning process is completed under the action of repeated convection and condensation washing of the vessel by the high-purity acid-base vapor generated by the heating of the heating plate. The cleaner is cooled by air without additional cooling water, which can realize economical and safe overnight work, which is different from conventional Compared with traditional cleaning or acid running methods, the cleaning effect of steam cleaning is better, cleaner and pollution-free.

Instrument performance and characteristics:
1. Professional design, simple structure, simple operation, no training for operators;
2. It is suitable for cleaning trace analysis utensils, PFA and PTFE vials, inner tanks of microwave digestion vessels, beakers, digestion tubes, test tubes, etc.;

3. The one-time processing capacity is up to 26, 50, 78, 150 samples (depending on the size of the vessel), and it can also be designed into multiple layers according to the height of the vessel, which is more efficient and fast;
4. The amount of acid used in the cleaning process is small, and the acid after cleaning can be reused, and it can be cleaned repeatedly to save costs;
5. Perform acid distillation ultra-clean cleaning under closed conditions to prevent laboratory pollution;

6. Only 100% ultra-pure acid vapor needs to be cleaned on the surface of the vessel. All contact parts are made of high-purity experimental grade Teflon material to ensure absolute cleanliness and the lowest background blank value;
7. After the surface pollutants are removed, the clean utensils will no longer be exposed to the cleaned solvent – compared to soaking in acid tanks, this is a more pure cleaning.

Special Note:
1. The outer diameter of the cleaning vessel is 30mm or less, the total height of the barrel: 300mm, the outer diameter of the barrel is 210mm, and 26 holes in one layer (3 layers can be made, that is, 78 samples can be cleaned at one time);
2. The outer diameter of the cleaning vessel is 30mm or less, the total height of the barrel: 300mm, the outer diameter of the barrel is 320mm, and 50 holes in one layer (3 layers can be made, and the holes can clean 150 samples at one time);
3. The number of samples mentioned above is based on our company’s 10ml microwave digestion liner or PFA15ml vial as a reference. For other slender vessels, the number of layers and batch processing capacity can be designed according to the actual length; it can also be carried out according to customer needs Directional processing.

cleaning rack

Data illustrate:
Cleaning results at PPb level. After cleaning with the acid steam cleaning system, it was proved that the container containing PPM level metal contamination can be reduced to PPb level.

cleaning system

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