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Nanjing Binglab Acid removal electric heating plate acid removal board sample processor

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Nanjing Binglab Acid removal electric heating plate acid removal board sample processor

Graphite digester is one of the direct, effective and economical sample pretreatment methods for elemental analysis.

Acid removal instrument: also known as acid removal electric heating plate, acid removal board, sample processor, acid removal device, digestion device, the surface is treated with Teflon fluoroplastic anti-corrosion and non-stick, it is COD (150 ℃), total phosphorus, total nitrogen (105°C) and other chemical reactions are powerful helpers. It is used to match our company’s digestion tank, and it is specially used for acid removal in the later stage. It is widely used in food, biological samples, sewage treatment, soil environmental protection, food inspection and commodity inspection, pharmaceutical chemical industry, geometallurgy, cosmetics, disease control and other industries. It can also be used as microwave digestion Advanced acid removal equipment solves the problem of difficult acid removal by microwave digestion. It is an ideal supporting equipment for analytical instruments such as atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, ICP-AES, AA, ICP-MS and imported microwave digestion. The hole diameter is suitable for PTFE crucible, PTFE beaker, digestion tube, test tube and the inner cup of our company’s digestion tank, etc. It is one of the necessary products for ultra-purification laboratories.

The material selection is novel and unique, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, specially tailored for the laboratory. This product adopts PID temperature control digital display, surround heating. Fast energy saving, uniform temperature, and the temperature can be set freely. Saving time and labor greatly improves the detection efficiency. Acid-catch electric heating plates with different pore diameters, pore depths and pore numbers can be customized.

Note: In response to the requirements of the majority of users, our company has launched multiple models acid cleaners, which can be adapted to use in microwave digestion systems such as Shanghai Xinyi, Anton Paar, Shanghai Yiyao, American CEM, Labtech, etc. More complete performance, more specifications, available for the majority of users to choose from. And the hole diameter, hole depth, and number of holes can be made according to customer requirements.

Note: When the split type electric heating plate is steaming acid, the control box can be placed outside the fume hood to prevent the acid vapor from corroding electronic components for a long time and minimize the corrosion of metal parts by acid vapor.

acid cleaner

Product parameters
1. It is faster, more flexible and more convenient to catch acid;
2. Large heating area, uniform heating, fast heating speed, no cross-contamination;
3. Surrounding heat transfer method, improving heat energy utilization;
4. Using PID temperature control panel, continuous heating for 48h;
5. Teflon fluorine plastic anti-corrosion and non-stick treatment, strong corrosion resistance and long service life;
6. Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C Temperature difference between holes: ≦±1.5°C;
7. Working temperature: from room temperature to 200°C, which can meet the requirements of most acid catches;
8. Specifications: 9, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 36, 48, 54, 63 holes;
9. It can process and customize GS series acid heating plates with various specifications, number of holes and hole diameters;
10. Within 30 minutes, it can rise to 200°C. Compared with the flat electric heating plate, the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 5 times, and it is more low-carbon.

At the same time, we can process and customize PTFE digestion tubes of various specifications.

PTFE digestion tube

1. Fast acid removal speed and high efficiency: multiple samples can be processed at one time, and the surrounding heating method is adopted, which reduces the temperature difference between different parts of the same sample, and also reduces the temperature difference between samples, speeding up the acid removal speed. It also improves the repeatability and stability of the experiment. Low cost of use and energy saving.

2. Accurate temperature control: PID controller is adopted, with high control precision and easy operation. Temperature control precision: ±1°C.
3. Uniform acid removal: good heat conduction material, small temperature difference between holes, uniform overall heating temperature, simultaneous acid removal of multiple samples to ensure uniformity of acid removal.
4. The heating area is large, the heating is uniform, the heating speed is fast, and there is no cross-contamination.
5. Surface treatment: Teflon fluorine plastic anti-corrosion and non-stick treatment, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
6. The split-type acid removal device can minimize the corrosion of the control instrument by the acid vapor during the experiment.
7. Time setting function can be added, segmented temperature control, that is, programmed temperature rise.

Application field:
Specially designed for the laboratory, it is a good helper for sample heating and digestion, acid steaming, boiling, and acid removal. It is also an ideal supporting product for analytical instruments such as atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence. Can detect lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, zinc, selenium, manganese and other heavy metal elements and trace elements in food, medicine, dairy products, etc.; determine the digestion of heavy metals and trace elements in soil, etc., used by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for blood samples detection.

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