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Nanjing Binglab PFA Reaction Canister 250ml 300ml 1000ml

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Nanjing Binglab PFA Reaction Canister 250ml 300ml 1000ml

Excellent corrosion resistance: PFA material can withstand various strong acids, strong alkalis, hydrofluoric acid and organic solvents

  1. High-purity storage container with extremely low elution of impurities, inactive to almost all medicines

  2. Geological and environmental research requiring rigorous sample preservation as well as semiconductor-related operations

  3. Compared with ordinary PFA, it is very thick and strong

  4. One-piece molding with no drop in the container, wide-mouth design for easy access to samples

  5. Rounded inner bottom for easy cleaning

  6. It is a translucent material that can confirm the remaining amount in the container

  7. Operating temperature range: -200℃~ +260℃

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