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Nanjing binglab meets you at GSA Connects 2023

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Nanjing binglab meets you at GSA Connects 2023

Nanjing Binzhenghong Instrument Co., Ltd. will participate in the 2023 American Geological Congress. Welcome to the exhibition site. Our booth number is 744.


The Geological Society of America convenes Connects 2023 this fall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, connecting researchers, government agencies, students, academia’s leading instructors, and more with a who’s who of industry vendors promoting the newest and most cutting-edge products and services.

Exhibition samples

PFA试剂瓶集合 (12)_副本_副本

PFA reagent bottle


PFA volumetric flask


PFA vial


Anti-corrosion electric hot plate

PFA酸纯化器 (1)

PFA acid purification system


Customized microwave tank series from various manufacturers

GSA Connects 2023 will be here with you

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