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PFA Gas Continuous Reactor Series Digestion Tank Series Reactor Absorption Bottle

FEP, PFA reaction bottle (absorption bottle) specifications: 60, 100, 250, 500ml, etc. optional

PFA, PTFE digestion tank specifications: 60, 90, 120, 150, 180mm, etc. can be customized

Application areas: Photovoltaic, new materials, polysilicon, polyfluoropolymer, environmental protection and other industries ion reaction
  • BZH04

  • BZH

  • Isotope Industry  Semiconductor Industry 

  • 200~+260℃

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Translucent

  • U/V/Plat Bottom

  • Molded

  • 1pc

  • 80.9g

  • 7 Working Day

  • LOGO  Packaging  Pattern 

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Product Description

Currently we use 2 connection methods for tubes and caps

1. The cover is connected to the PTFE joint and tightened with PTFE nuts for better sealing.

2. The cap is punched and the tube is directly passed through the cap and introduced into the body - convenient and flexible

3. Pipe size: 1/4, 1/8 inch, 3*2, 6*4, 8*6mm, etc.

4. The number of reaction tanks in each group of series can be determined, generally 3 are a group, in many cases (PFA or PTFE digestion tank), large diameter

5. Series connection method: series connection of the same specifications or series connection of different specifications can be used

Product parameters

1. The volume of absorption bottles 1~3 is 250mL, and the volume 4~5# is 500mL; .

2. The pipeline connection between the absorption bottles is continuous without interruption, 1/4 inch;

3. The material of the absorption bottle and pipeline are resistant to high-purity ammonia and carbon tetrachloride; PFA

4. The bottle body has good sealing performance and can withstand pressure of 0.3MPa;

5. Two sets of 1~5# absorption bottles are required, a total of 10 pieces;

6. The polytetrafluoroethylene joint (A) at the air inlet end is double-pass, 2 in total


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