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PFA Vials cleaning system PTFE cleaner laboratory utensils cleaning canister

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PFA Vials cleaning system PTFE cleaner laboratory utensils cleaning canister

chemical lab malaysia

PTFE cleaner

Design Features:
1. It can be tightened and sealed, placed on an electric heating plate, soaked, cooked, and cleaned by heating PFA vials and laboratory utensils. The sealed bucket is also safe to shake, reducing air pockets on the vessel walls.
2. Made of 100% high-purity experimental grade PTFE material, strong corrosion resistance (various organic solvents, cleaning fluids, acids and alkalis, etc.), high and low temperature resistance (-200 to 250 ° C)
3. Fine workmanship, no burrs, smooth inner wall, not easy to residue
4. There is a PTFE vent on the washer cover: to prevent excessive pressure during heating, while retaining the acid vapor inside.

laboratory utensils cleaning bucket

1. It can be heated for several days in the sub-boiling state of the cleaning liquid, without personnel guarding, which is very convenient.
2. Heating and cleaning in a closed state, the loss of liquid is negligible. Effectively save the amount of acid, and environmental protection.
3. Compared with glass beakers, PTFE plastic is resistant to falling and wear, and is not fragile. Won’t crack or shatter even if dropped when full.
4. There is a detachable pouring spout on the cover of the washer, which facilitates the safe discharge of the cleaning solution and the safe removal of the cleaned utensils.

vials cleaning system

Vial Cleaning System
It provides a safe and cost-effective cleaning method for daily Teflon utensil cleaning in isotope analysis, trace analysis, and ICP-MS analysis laboratories.
The whole cleaning system is completely closed, which not only eliminates the pollution in the air, but also prevents the loss of acid due to evaporation. Also features a removable pour spout for safe emptying of cleaning acid.
(It can be used as a shelf to hold the container inside the cavity, and the acid vapor countercurrently cleans the container in a closed state)

Vial Cleaning System

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