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PFA Volumetric Flask Class A Fixed Volume Bottle Suitable for Semiconductor Chemical Industry

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PFA Volumetric Flask Class A Fixed Volume Bottle Suitable for Semiconductor Chemical Industry

Polysilicon constant volume bottle

volumetric flask PFA

Nanjing Binglab factory custom-made PFA volumetric flask Teflon volumetric bottle

Ⅰ. Product Introduction

PFA volumetric flask is also called soluble polytetrafluoroethylene volumetric flask, Teflon volumetric flask, (PFA, PTFE-perfluoroalkylethylene) volumetric flask. There are 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 250ml specifications available, and the product quality is guaranteed.

The Teflon series PFA volumetric flask is a transparent long-necked bottle with a pear-shaped body, which is convenient for shaking liquid and scrubbing. The scale marks on each PFA volumetric flask are weighed and marked with a one-thousandth electronic balance.

Widely used in ICP-MS, ICP-OES and other trace analysis and isotope analysis experiments including environmental monitoring, semiconductor, polysilicon, photovoltaic electronics lithium battery industry are applicable. In various testing laboratories, good quality will not affect the purity of test samples.

Ⅱ. Product performance

1. Good transparency and stability, the naked eye can see the smooth surface of the bottle volume, the inner and outer walls of the bottle are smooth, easy to clean, no sticking to samples, and there is no liquid residue on the bottle mouth and inner wall of the bottle;
2. The mouth of the bottle and the bottle cap are well sealed, and the matching screw cap is tight, and the liquid will not leak if it is placed upside down or sideways;
3. Resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, strong corrosive acids commonly used in various laboratories and various organic solvents;
4. Low background and low precipitation: no dissolution and precipitation, low background can reach the low detection limit of ICPMS, it is a container for storing standard substances, strong corrosive, expensive ultra-high purity reagents;
5. High and low temperature resistance: operating temperature -200~+260℃;
6. Anti-pollution: The value of metal elements is low, and the content of metal elements such as lead and uranium is less than 0.01PPb.

Ⅲ. Usage

1. Purpose of use: It can be used to configure standard solutions, but it cannot be stored for a long time (it can be accompanied by our Teflon sample bottle to transfer the liquid after constant volume into it for long-term storage). Our PFA material is pure and non-toxic imported PFA material Impurities, very suitable for trace, ultra-trace analysis, isotope analysis and other laboratories, it is a clean experimental analysis vessel;

2. It can also be used with ICP-MS and other instruments. It is one of the products that need to be equipped in ultra-purification laboratories. Generally, ICP-MS will also be matched with ICP-MS, such as washing bottles, gas washing bottles, beakers, crucibles, reagent bottles, etc. All have PFA supply of materials;

3. It meets the high standard requirements for laboratory supplies such as scientific research laboratories or testing institutions in universities, medical testing, and trace testing, and is specially used for trace analysis and high-purity organic solvents;

4. Comply with DIN EN ISO 1042 standard, can be autoclaved and easy to clean. PFA screw cap with integral sealing ring. High-temperature sterilization at a temperature of 120°C will not cause some element errors to exceed the standard. In order to ensure that the scale and logo are clearly identifiable, it is recommended that the cleaning temperature be lower than 60°C;

5. After use, it should be cleaned, and it can be equipped with our company’s container cleaning device, and the secondary cleaning in batches can achieve a cleaner effect.

PFA volumetric flask

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