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PFA acid/base burette can be customized with clear scale

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PFA acid/base burette can be customized with clear scale

burette PFA

laboratory scientific analytical instrument manufacturer

The burette, a titration instrument commonly used in analytical chemistry, can only be used for acidic solutions. It can be used for acid-base neutralization titration test, etc.

1. The burette is divided into acid burette and basic burette
Acid Burette ——– PTFE Piston —– Measure or titrate acid solution or oxidizing reagent.

2. The upper part of the scale is small (with 0 scale), and the lower part is large.

3. The minimum scale is 0.1ml, and the accuracy is one percent. Accurate to 0.01ml.

4. The liquid in the lower tip is not within the scale, and the liquid in the tip cannot be released when measuring or titrating the solution.


1. Check for leakage before use.
2. When using a burette to take a drop of liquid, it must be washed and rinsed.
3. Before reading, the air bubbles in the tube should be driven out, and the tip should be filled with liquid.
4. Two readings are required, and the liquid level must be adjusted to 0 scale or below the 0 scale for the first reading.
5. When reading, the lowest point of the line of sight, the scale, and the concave surface of the liquid surface are on the same horizontal line.
6. When reading, observe the experimental changes while controlling the dosage.
7. Measure or titrate the volume of the liquid = the second reading – the first reading.
8. It is used to hold acidic solution or strong oxidant liquid (such as KMnO4 solution), not alkaline solution.


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