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PFA products in the semiconductor new material industry applications

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PFA products in the semiconductor new material industry applications

For a long time, due to its extremely low trace metal content, corrosion resistance, wide working temperature, and excellent chemical inertia, it is widely used in the field of isotope. But when it comes to the earliest application industry of fluorine polymers, which industry do you think of? That's right, it is the "semiconductor industry". The semiconductor industry is one of the earliest industries that are widely used in fluoride polymers. During the semiconductor production process, the cleaning process is considered one of the key steps. The efficiency and accuracy of the cleaning process directly affect the quality and performance of the semiconductor chip. PFA tube, as a high -performance material, has become an important part of the semiconductor cleaning process. 1. PFA PFA (polyfluoroprene) is a thermoplastic polymer with excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature stability. This characteristic allows PFA tubes to maintain stability in extreme environments such as high temperature, strong acid, and strong alkali, and will not dissolve, soften or corrode. In addition, PFA materials also have excellent electrical insulation performance, helping to avoid static electricity and charge accumulation, and ensure the safety of the cleaning process.


Fluoropolymers have become the material of choice for semiconductor manufacturing applications in critical areas such as for liquid handling and transportation, chemical packaging, wafer handling and filtration. Because fluoropolymers are highly chemically resistant, they maintain excellent performance at extreme temperatures. In addition and most importantly, the purity is very high, (very low and negligible dissolution and precipitation)


PFA is widely used in the semiconductor industry and has become one of the main materials for making wafer carriers (wafer cassettes, flower baskets), piping and its fittings (valves, joints, tees), container types (bottles mainly), and semiconductor parts. With the development of high-purity PFA, the application of PFA in high-purity semiconductor piping, drug processing, and ultrapure water is expanding.

Due to the extremely high specifications required in the production of electronic products, subtle contamination or impurity can lead to a serious impact on the yield, electrical properties and reliability of fine semiconductor materials.

Whether it is wet etching or chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), even small amounts of impurities throughout the IC manufacturing process can have a dramatic impact on the final product. Therefore, electronic component manufacturers are responsible for raw materials, transportation pipelines and reactions. This means that throughout the manufacturing process, high demands are placed on containers and the like. It is difficult to find a container that can withstand the extreme chemical environments of strong acids, strong bases, high temperatures and high pressures, at which point the important role of PFA comes to the fore.

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