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Parameters of commonly used laboratory instruments----Nanjing Binglab

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Parameters of commonly used laboratory instruments----Nanjing Binglab

We specialized in producing high quality reagent bottles for 30 years.

Anti-corrosion heating plate parameters

Product parameters:
1. Model: DBF-II/DBF-I
2. Name: anti-corrosion heating plate
3. Size: 400*600mm/300*400mm
4. Controller form: split (can be placed outside the fume hood to prevent damage to electronic components)
5. Manufacturer: Nanjing Binglab
6. Working temperature: room temperature to 220℃
7. Material: exquisite aluminum alloy or high quality graphite (with PFA coating)
8. Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C
9. Continuous work for 48 hours
10. PTFE feet, corrosion-resistant

anti-corrosion electric heating plate

Graphite digestion instrument parameters

1. Specification: BZH 48 hole
2. Model: GS-48
3. Manufacturer: Nanjing Binglab
4. Aperture and depth: equipped with 50ml PTFE digestion tube
5. Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C
6. Heating method: surround electric heating
7. Heating plate: graphite
8. Continuous working time: up to 48h
9. Temperature difference between holes: ≦±3℃
10. 48 samples can be processed in batches

Graphite Acid-driven Instrument

Acid Purifier Parameters

1. Mold: CH-II-PFA 1000ml

2. Specification: 1000ml

3. Corresponding specification acid production rate: around 60ml/h

4. Electric heating, LCD display, temperature control in stages, can be left unattendedunattended

5. Main material composition: high-purity PFA, PTFE materials are used, and the main liquid contact parts are all made of PFA materials, and the circular cavity is transparent and visible

6. Preparation of ultrapure acids (HNO3, HCL, HF) for trace analysis

7. The waste liquid can be removed, the scale liquid level gauge, the inner volume of the cavity is intuitive and visible, and it is convenient for observation

8. Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C, temperature control range: room temperature -200°C

9. The acid purification process is carried out in a closed environment to avoid secondary pollution of the experimental environment of the instrument itself, and there is almost no acid gas escape in the whole process

10. Sustained acid addition and extraction, not afraid of evaporation, no need for cooling water

11. The instrument is easy to install and operate, and can be used when plugged in, with a small footprint, saving laboratory space

12. After one distillation of the acid with a metal impurity content of about 10PPb, the metal impurity content can be reduced to about 0.01PPb

13. Used for the preparation of ultra-pure acid in trace analysis, by purifying low-cost acid reagents to high-purity acid, saving up to 90% of the cost Complete accessories, 2 sets of Teflon PFA reagent bottles + PFA solution beaker

PFA acid purifier

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