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SCH-Ⅱ 2L Acid Purification System

Acid purifier is the equipment used to purify acid in laboratory work in order to avoid the poor purity of acid, which is easy to cause the deviation and error of analysis results.The purity of acid is substantially important in trace-element and ultra-trace element analysis. The higher the purity, the lower the background.
  • SCH-Ⅱ

  • BZH

  • Isotope Industry  Semiconductor Industry 

  • 2L

  • /

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Nature

  • Acid production rate 70ml/h

  • Molded

  • 1pc

  • /

  • 14 Working Day

  • LOGO  Packaging  Pattern 

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Product Description


It is used for the purification of various acids in the sub-boiling state, and can purify nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, water and some solvents.


1. Working principle: sub-boiling distillation

2. Material: The entire purification system does not contain metal materials. All parts in contact with the liquid are made of high-purity PFA. The evaporation unit and the condensation unit adopt an integrated structure.

3. Structure: The host of the acid purifier adopts an integrated design, and the evaporation unit and the condensation unit are thermally welded, seamlessly connected, and cannot be disassembled.

4. Scope of application: It can be used for the purification of HNO3, HCl, HF and H2O.

5. Heating method: Silicone electric heating cover is fully enclosed and covered, heat transfer, and overheating protection.

6. Temperature controller: The temperature controller of the instrument adopts PID digital temperature control.

7. Temperature control range: Different temperatures of reagents are optional.

8. Distillation speed: the acid is produced quickly, and the liquid can be produced in about an hour, and the efficiency varies according to the reagent and temperature.

9. Cooling method: Natural cooling at room temperature without water cooling.

10. Adding method: add reagent to the cavity through the adding funnel.

11. Waste liquid treatment: Equipped with a waste liquid discharge valve and a liquid discharge pipe. There is a three-way valve at the waste liquid discharge point with a direction mark, which is easy to operate.

12. Liquid level design: (the design scope of liquid level is different for different specifications), the acid to be purified is added through the funnel (the funnel has a scale), and the power supply provides the heat source for the heating jacket.

13. Equipped with an evaporation protection device, the instrument can be placed in a fume hood and unattended.

14. Collection bottle: High-purity PFA collection bottle is randomly configured. The collection bottle is made by stretch blow molding technology. The collection bottles of different specifications are sealed with a unified GL45 screw cap, and the bottle mouth can be sealed without an inner cap.

15. It can meet the requirements of acid with a metal impurity content of about 10ppb. After one distillation, the metal impurity content can be reduced to about 0.01ppb.

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