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Take a closer look at PFA volumetric flasks---Nanjing binglab

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Take a closer look at PFA volumetric flasks---Nanjing binglab

PFA volumetric flask for silicon industry

PFA volumetric flasks are used frequently in research and experiments and, in order to verify that they are accurate for use, they need to be calibrated at regular intervals.

PFA volumetric flask Class A constant tolerance:

Here are some of the problems that our customers always have, and we’d like to share:

First, about the certificates

Certificate of Class A PFA volumetric flask

Second, about the calibration environment

Each calibration certificate, the calibration environmental conditions will be marked, for details refer to the certificate:
Temperature: 22°C
Relative humidity: 60%

Class A volumetric flask certificate

Third, about the label

The PFA volumetric flask is sent to the metrology institute for calibration and will be accompanied by a calibration metrology label and a certificate of conformity.

PFA volumetric flask with label

Volumetric flask after passing inspection

Fifth, calibration notes

Please let us know the name of the company commissioned to calibrate.

Sixth, practical example

Precise analytical experiments require stable, high-precision metrology products. Each of our PFA volumetric flasks (10~1000ml) can be commissioned and independently calibrated by the Nanjing Metrology Institute.

Nanjing Binglab volumetric flask

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