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Teflon wafer carrier etching cleaning rack PFA cassette

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Teflon wafer carrier etching cleaning rack PFA cassette

cassette, wafer container for semiconductor silicon wafers, wafers, glass, LCD screens

PFA wafer carrier is also called PFA cleaning cassette, Teflon cassette, Teflon crystal boat box, Teflon wafer dipper, Teflon wafer cleaning rack, Teflon wafer rack, Teflon etching cassette, special Teflon etching cleaning frame, PFA developing carrier.

wafer carrier

1. High temperature resistance, the operating temperature is -200~+260°C;
2. Resistant to strong corrosion samples such as strong acid and strong alkali, such as: aqua regia, magic acid, HF acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. and various organic solvents;
3. Low dissolution and precipitation, low blank value of metal elements, lead and uranium content less than 0.01ppb;
4. Even if this product cleans and transports silicon wafers in NaOH, HCl, HF and other solutions below 100 °C, it will not deform or pollute silicon wafers after long-term use;
5. Uses: used for semiconductor silicon wafers, chip, glass, liquid crystal screens and other cleaning and corrosion equipment carrying cassettes, solar cell cassette, solar silicon wafer dipper, solar silicon wafer carriers, photovoltaic cell cassette, photovoltaic silicon wafers cassette, used in solar cell silicon wafer cleaning equipment, used to carry square solar cell silicon wafers;
6. Application industry: semiconductor, polysilicon, solar energy, lithium battery, new material, new energy, etc.;
7. Complete specifications: 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches are available

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