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The difference between PP PMP FEP PFA volumetric flask---Nanjing Binglab

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The difference between PP PMP FEP PFA volumetric flask---Nanjing Binglab

Polysilicon constant volume bottle

Nanjing Binglab ( is a professional manufacturer of laboratory products, engaged in the production, development and sales of high-tech trace analytical laboratory containers, to fill the gap in China.

The volumetric flask is one of many common laboratory utensils, and it is a precise container for preparing accurate solutions with a certain concentration of substances. The plastic volumetric flasks we often use in the laboratory are made of PP, PMP, FEP, and PFA. So what are the differences between the volumetric flasks made of these four materials?

Among them, PP is a very simple volumetric flask, which is common to Class B volumetric flasks. The PMP volumetric flask is an improved version of PP, its high temperature resistance can reach 121°C, and it can be a light-proof volumetric flask. Both FEP and PFA are resistant to high temperature, strong acid and alkali, and various organic solvents, especially HF. FEP volumetric flasks are generally a Class B requirement. PFA is the upgraded version of FEP volumetric flask. Its constant volume accuracy can reach the A-level standard, and the stability of the material is better.

PFA volumetric flask

class A volumetric flask

volumetric flasks

At present, only volumetric flasks made of PFA and PMP can be class A. As a high-quality volumetric flask, PFA has very little dissolved impurities and is irreplaceable in water quality, pharmaceuticals, trace analysis, and ICP analysis. The PMP volumetric flask can be made into a light-proof type, which is very suitable for photosensitive solutions. The transparent type of PMP material is also suitable for use in laboratories in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as atomic absorption. Due to material reasons, PP cannot reach grade A, only grade B, and its characteristics are not as good as PFA and PMP. It is recommended to be used in some experiments. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable material according to different experimental requirements. There is no best, only more suitable.

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