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The new Teflon wash bottle going international!----Nanjing Binglab

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The new Teflon wash bottle going international!----Nanjing Binglab

PFA Wash Bottle Squeeze Bottle 500ml Water Squirt Bottle Safety Rinse Bottle Watering Tools

Nanjing Binglab ( is a professional manufacturer of laboratory products, engaged in the production, development and sales of high-tech trace analytical laboratory containers, to fill the gap in China.

PFA wash bottle, FEP wash bottle, PTFE wash bottle

1. Imported Teflon PFA material is used for injection molding.
2. Chemical resistance, resistant to organic and inorganic chemical solvents.
3. The blank value of metal elements is low, and the content of lead and uranium is less than 0.01PPB.
4. The outlet nozzle of the washing bottle is fine and uniform. It can replace the volumetric bottle to configure the standard solution. It can be controlled to add sample and water drop by drop. It sprays when it is pressed, and stops when it is not pressed. It has good spray performance and no residue at the return water nozzle.
5. The texture of the bottle body is relatively light and soft. When the user is using it, the liquid can be released by lightly squeezing it with his hand, which is easy to use;
6. The inner wall is smooth, easy to clean, there is no liquid residue on the bottle mouth and inner wall, and the precipitation and dissolution are low. Only elemental fluorine and sodium act on it at high temperature, and all other concentrated, dilute, inorganic and organic (acids, alkalis, esters) have no effect;
7. Widely used in laboratories such as ICP-MS, ICP-OES and other trace analysis and isotope analysis. It is used for a small amount of pipetting in some institutions such as geology, electronic chemicals, semiconductor analysis and testing, disease control centers, pharmaceutical factories, and environmental testing centers.

Teflon wash bottle

Integral molding of the cover

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