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The performance, advantages, and uses of PFA---Nanjing Binglab

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The performance, advantages, and uses of PFA---Nanjing Binglab

the PFA products of our factory can just make up for its deficiency.

PFA has similar properties to FEP, but because of its lower melt viscosity than PTFE, it can be used at operating temperatures up to +260°C while maintaining melt processability.

PFA has several unique properties that make it suitable for medical, chemical and electrical applications, among others. PFA has the following properties:

  • Extremely high operating temperature up to +260°C

  • Extremely low operating temperature of -200°C

  • Non-stick properties

  • Low friction surface

  • Very high chemical and solvent resistance

  • Very high resistance

  • Biocompatibility

What are the pros and cons of PFA?

In addition to the unique properties of fluoropolymers, PFA offers the following advantages:

  • Continuous operating temperature of +260°C—- PFA has the highest operating temperature of all fluoroplastics except PTFE

  • Welding and reshaping potential

  • Protection against harsh environmental conditions

  • Insulated from electricity, heat, chemicals and solvents

  • Good penetration resistance

  • High purity grades available

  • High definition

PFA has similar physical and chemical properties to PTFE, but it has 10 times the flex life and lower permeability than PTFE. PFA has excellent crack and stress resistance as well as a low coefficient of friction.

The main disadvantage of PFA is that it is more expensive than PTFE or FEP.

What is PFA used for?

PFA is widely used in applications requiring higher purity, excellent chemical resistance and high operating temperature, such as medical tubing to heat exchangers, semiconductor cassettes, pumps and fittings, and valve liners.

PFA is ideal for temperature sensitive applications. It is usually thermoformed to form closed end caps that can be safely shrunk over temperature sensitive materials without damage.

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