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The world’s top fluoropolymer professional customization is here!-----Nanjing Binglab

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The world’s top fluoropolymer professional customization is here!-----Nanjing Binglab

Professional Manufacturer of Laboratory Fluoropolymer Instruments and Consumables

Nanjing Binglab products have been widely recognized in China for more than 30 years because of our excellent design and high quality. After entering the international market, we have been favored by users in many industries such as geology, semiconductors, and medical care!

Rich industry experience enables us to demonstrate strong design and production capabilities in the face of customized needs put forward by users. Whether it is the transformation of standard products or new application solutions, we will hand over every customer’s customized needs a satisfactory answer sheet.

With over 20 years of experience in fluoropolymer molding, Nanjing binglab can be your excellent fluoropolymer custom partner! If necessary, you can contact us at any time to provide you with the world’s top customized services and products.

PFA customized products

Customizable material
Mainly PFA, FEP, PTFE, PDVF, ECTFE, PCTFE, in addition, other polymer materials are also available, you can discuss with us to choose other suitable raw materials.

Raw material

In addition to conventional injection molding, PFA, FEP and ETFE can also use stretch blow molding technology; in addition to the above 6 fluoropolymers, we can also custom injection mold other polymer materials, including: PEI (Ultem) and polypropylene.

Forming simulation
We use the latest injection molding simulation tools to optimize design functions, identify potential processing problems and accurately estimate cycle time, effectively prevent expensive rework in the later stage, and eliminate problems such as surface defects, short shots and dents in the design stage.

Mold design
All molds are designed and manufactured independently in-house by our factory, which is efficient and flexible. Customers directly connect with our engineers from the first time the demand is generated, until the finished product is delivered. No matter how complex the user’s needs are, Binglab can deal with them calmly and solve them perfectly.

Minimal trace metal impurity contamination
Semiconductor customers require parts that are as free as possible from trace metal contamination. Over the past 30 years, Binglab has formed a set of mature solutions on how to control trace metal impurity pollution to minimize metal pollution.

Injection molding machine size
From 110 tons to 380 tons, it can process molds from less than 1g to more than 2kgs

Pollution control
Ensuring the cleanliness of products is Binglab’s top priority. our injection molding machines are packaged in ISO7-level shells, which not only avoid contamination during processing, but also effectively protect products from air pollution during transfer.

pollution control

Assembly and pre-cleaning
We can provide assembly services for users, no matter simple or complex; for some semiconductor users, Binglab can perform acid cleaning before assembly to remove possible ultra-trace contamination

Assembly and pre-cleaning

Secondary processing
Not all parts require secondary processing after molding, but we have the ability to complete various secondary processing requirements required by users in professional secondary processing workshops, and transform standard products into functions required by users.

Laser Marking
We can engrave your own mark on your product by laser marking or engraving

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