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Topics on Trace Analysis of Metal Ions

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Topics on Trace Analysis of Metal Ions

We are a team of Nanjing Binglab trying to support you with all your Laboratory needs.

There are more than 80 kinds of metal elements, and the research of metal elements focuses on the detection of heavy metals. Now heavy metal pollution has been concerned by governments and many enterprises in the world. Therefore, many relevant laws and regulations came into being, and various countries have formulated relevant standards. So, the quantitative detection of metal elements is very necessary.

Among many analytical methods, atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) has the advantages of high sensitivity, high selectivity, and simple operation, and is an important analytical method for the quantitative analysis of heavy metals in water, soil, and biological samples. For the detection of metal content, WakO can provide metal ion standard solutions for atomic absorption spectroscopy. Its metal standard solution for atomic absorption spectrometry has obtained the JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) certificate, which has the characteristics of high reliability and high precision.

Binglab can provide digestion vessels:

digestion vessels

● Raw materials are imported high-purity materials;
● Resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature and high pressure;
● The surface of the inner wall is smooth and does not hang on the wall;
● Metal dissolution is extremely low, so it can be safely used for trace analysis of metal ions;
● It can be used with various brands of digestion instruments, such as American CEM, Anton Paar, Milestone, APL, etc.

And PFA consumables:

Excellent corrosion resistance: PFA material can withstand various strong acids, strong alkalis, hydrofluoric acid and organic solvents;
Good heat resistance: It can be used normally within -200 to 260°C, and the maximum temperature for sustainable use is 260°C;
Easy to clean: PFA itself is not sticky and has the ability to resist water, oil and other substances, the surface is smooth and easy to clean;
No metal dissolution: the dissolution of metal ions can be controlled below 1ppb, suitable for samples with ultra-low concentrations of ng/g (ppb level) and pg/g (ppt level);
No metal leaching: carry out trace analysis;
More precise than other companies’ resin products: the scales of the PFA volumetric flasks are all precisely measured and engraved by hand.

PFA bottles volumetric flasks PFA washing bottle PFA beaker pfa graduated cylinder gas washing bottle

Ion chromatography can quantitatively analyze multiple ions simultaneously with high sensitivity. As an anion/cation analysis method, it can be used in environmental testing such as drainage, soil, and atmosphere, and can also be used in quality control of pharmaceuticals and food.

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