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What PFA consumables are needed for quality control in the semiconductor industry?

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What PFA consumables are needed for quality control in the semiconductor industry?

Acid purifier is the equipment used to purify acid in laboratory work

As the only material in the semiconductor manufacturing industry that can accommodate and transport the high-purity chemicals used in the manufacturing process, fluoropolymers can achieve the extremely high stability and purity required for semiconductor manufacturing. With the extremely rapid expansion of the semiconductor industry in recent years, the demand for fluoropolymer products in the semiconductor industry has also shown a blowout pattern.

Two specific types of fluoropolymers are commonly used: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and soluble polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA).

Because the molecular structure of PFA allows for melt processing, it can be manufactured through traditional single-process processes such as injection molding, making the surface roughness of PFA products almost impossible to measure, and the finished product does not require any post-processing, eliminating the introduction of contamination. Therefore, PFA is more suitable for the semiconductor industry than PTFE to provide safety for semiconductor process chemicals.

Ⅰ. Application – Preparation of high purity strong acids (HF,HCL,HNO3)

For wet etching process and wafer production process, high purity chemicals for semiconductor process, product quality testing of semi-finished and finished products in each process.

Products– CH Series Acid Purifier/Sub-boiling Distiller


Features– Semiconductor wafer is the core material for semiconductor manufacturing, its production and processing involves precision polishing, grinding, etching, cleaning and other processes, this process requires the use of some high-purity chemicals, such as hydrofluoric acid (HF), hydrogen chloride (HCI) and other strong acids. Using our CH acid purifier is an extremely simple and economical way to prepare high purity acids. Purification of trace amounts of metal (1 ppb) grade protic acid using the CH-I can prepare about 500 ml of high purity HNO3, HCL or HF in 12 hours, while the higher capacity semi-automated CH-II can prepare about twice as much in the same time.

The acquisition cost can be recovered in just a few months base to a few weeks. Purchasing commercially available high purity (10 ppt) acid is not only expensive, but once it is started, it is highly susceptible to contamination during repeated opening. Therefore, using the CH series acidifier to make your own high-purity acid can save your company a lot of money while getting a more reliable quality of high-purity acid.

Ⅱ. Application – VPD directly connected to reagent bottles, all kinds of high-purity chemical reagents for long-term storage

Products– PFA ultra-pure reagent bottle/ Liquid storage bottle

Specifications– narrow mouth(30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml), wide mouth(300ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml)

Featutes– PFA high purity reagent bottles are manufactured by stretch blow molding process, extremely low trace metal background, no burr on the surface, no dead easy to pour, no waste of the last drop of reagent. Complete 2.5-turn thread and drip-proof lip design ensure long-term seal integrity without the need for an inner cap, allowing for long-term storage of various high-purity reagents. GL45 standard threaded port for direct connection to VPD and can be used with various dispensers. Each reagent bottle is shipped with a standard GL45 threaded cap, which can be integrated into different pipelines with different conversion caps.

Ⅲ. Applications — VPD-ICP-MS, ICP-QMS sample introduction

Semiconductor process chemicals and semi-finished products (e.g. trichlorosilane, phosphoric acid, high purity silicon samples, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, solar grade silicon blocks, high silicon substrate samples, etc.) and silicon wafer impurity detection

Products–PFA Nebulizer, PFA Autosampler Tube

Applicable brands — Agilent, NEPTUNE, Cetac ASX etc.

Features– PFA atomizers are particularly suitable for high-silica matrix samples (e.g. VPD-ICP-MS applications) and phosphoric acid. PFA series feeder products can be used in conjunction with many international first-tier brand equipment.

Ⅳ. Applications — ultra-high purity gas liquefaction fluid transfer, corrosion resistant piping integration

Products — PFA Valves, PFA Fittings, PFA Tees, PFA & FEP Straight & Hose, PFA Gas Washing Bottle (Impact Filter)

Features – Corrosion resistant, all kinds of fluids are applicable, suitable for pipeline integration in production processes in all aspects of semiconductor production. The PFA filter is simple in structure and convenient in operation, and can be integrated into the transport pipeline to further purify all kinds of highly corrosive gas-liquid fluids, and can replace the filter membrane online, greatly improving production efficiency.

Ⅴ. Applications — Pan-semiconductor manufacturing processes can be used

Products — Common tools for laboratory PFA: PFA wash bottle, PFA microcolumn/chromatographic column, PFA beaker, PFA drop bottle, PFA large basin, PFA cleaning jar.

Features – wide range of applications, high purity materials, well-designed, corrosion-resistant, improve the quality of inspection in all processes of semiconductor manufacturing.

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