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What are the characteristics of the PFA pipette tip and the FEP pipette tip?

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What are the characteristics of the PFA pipette tip and the FEP pipette tip?

We can custom PFA microtips for Thermo Fisher/Brand/Eppendorf these brands pipettes

What is the use of the pipette tip?

Pipette tips have a small, conical shape and fit on the end of the pipette. Scientists use pipette tips to transfer precise amounts of liquid from one container to another.

The pipette is an indispensable instrument in many experiments, and the number of accessory tips used in the experiment is also very large. At present, there are many manufacturers of pipette tips. How to choose the most suitable product for us in the face of many brands and models of tip products?

Pipetting users usually have many considerations when purchasing pipettes, such as accuracy, brand of feel, tip adaptability, etc. However, when choosing tips, the degree of attention is far less than when buying pipettes. There are many people who spend a lot of money to buy imported pipettes, but save money to buy consumables. In fact, the quality of the tip will have a great influence on the pipetting accuracy.

Classification of pipette tips:
As a consumable used in conjunction with pipettes, tips can generally be divided into: standard tips, filter tips, and low-adsorption tips according to different applications.
1. The standard pipette tip is the most widely used pipette tip. Almost all pipetting operations can use ordinary pipette tips. This is the most economical type of pipette head.
2. The filter tip is a consumable designed to avoid cross-contamination, and is often used in experiments such as molecular biology, cytology, and virology.
3. For experiments with high sensitivity requirements, or precious samples or reagents that are prone to residue, low adsorption tips can be selected to improve the recovery rate. The surface of the low adsorption tip has been treated with hydrophobic treatment, which can reduce the situation that the low surface tension liquid will leave more residue in the tip.

What pipette tips are on the market:
Polypropylene Plastic Tips
At present, the suction heads on the market are basically made of polypropylene plastic (a colorless and transparent plastic with high chemical inertness and a wide temperature range).
Ordinary plastic pipette tips are not reusable and need to be replaced constantly, resulting in high cost
Teflon plastic tip
Teflon plastic pipette tips mainly include PFA and FEP, both of which are transparent and can withstand strong acids and alkalis

Characteristics of PFA/FEP Tips:
1. High and low temperature resistance: the operating temperature can reach -200~260°C;
2. Has extraordinary chemical resistance, such as: aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, magic acid, acetone, alcohols, alkali solvents, etc.;
3. Meet the needs of various analytical laboratories for sample dilution in small quantities;
4. It is mainly used in laboratories such as ICP-MS, ICP-OES and other trace analysis and isotope analysis. It is used for a small amount of pipetting in some institutions such as geology, electronic chemicals, semiconductor analysis and testing, disease control centers, pharmaceutical factories, and environmental testing centers.
5. High measurement accuracy
6. Good hydrophobicity, can completely distribute liquid and prevent contamination
7. Conductivity, chemical resistance, good stability, etc.
Our company can customize the matching pipette tips for various types of pipettes such as Eppendorf, Sartorius, and Dalong.

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