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What are the performance characteristics of Teflon?----Nanjing binglab

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What are the performance characteristics of Teflon?----Nanjing binglab

scientific research samples because of their very low blank value of metal elements and superior chemical properties.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is commonly known as “Plastic King”, and its trade name is Teflon. It is a high-molecular compound polymerized by tetrafluoroethylene, which has excellent sealing performance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, high lubrication and non-stickiness, and good anti-aging ability.

Teflon is widely used in various fields of production and life, such as printing, papermaking, plastics, medical equipment, chemical industry, rubber industry and household appliances, etc., and some are also used in military technology, such as electronics, aviation, atomic energy, etc. field.

Teflon coating has remarkable heat-resistant stability, and the heat-resistant temperature can reach 320°C in a short period of time. Generally, it can be used continuously at -190°C~260°C, it will not become brittle when cooled at low temperature, and will not melt when heated at high temperature.

Teflon coating has strong physiological inertness, except for individual media, such as fluorinated media, molten strong alkali and molten alkali metal, it is almost unaffected by any chemicals, such as strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizing agent, reducing agent and organic Corrosion by solvents can effectively protect parts from various corrosions.

Teflon film can be used as release agent, non-stick tape and sealing tape, etc. Teflon is sprayed on the surface of the mold for epoxy resin and phenolic resin products, which can solve the problem of product sticking to the mold and difficult to release the mold, and can prolong the service life of the mold, such as molds for shoe soles, tires and rubber gloves. On medical devices, the coating is certified to be used on Teflon on medical or health care devices, which can avoid direct contact between medicine and transmission equipment, reduce surface tension and electrical conductivity, such as the coating of needle tubes, dripping devices and medical equipment components.

When Teflon is used as an engineering plastic, it can be used as wire insulation, sealing gasket, capacitor medium, insulation layer of special cables and insulation of electrical instruments, etc. It is most widely used in the electronics and automobile industries.

Generally used in corrosion-resistant pumps, valves, pipes and containers with high performance requirements, such as conductive valves, bearing retainers, weather strips and hybrid throttle valves, etc., can also be used to make radar, radio equipment and high-frequency communication equipment, etc. When it was first researched, it was mainly used in the field of high-temperature inner wall coating during rocket launch.

Teflon can also be sprayed on the surface of various household kitchen utensils, which can reduce the accumulation of food, grease and dirt, to achieve the purpose of easy cleaning and improving food quality, such as making woks, frying pans, baking pans and molds for various pastries.

Teflon cooking utensils are non-toxic at normal temperature, but they will undergo chemical changes when the temperature reaches 260°C, and they will start to decompose when the temperature is higher than 350°C. At this temperature, the coating will be destroyed and harmful substances will be produced.

PTFE customized productsTeflon series utensils have been used in the laboratory for long-term storage of standard solutions, standard samples, organic solvents, strongly corrosive samples, and scientific research samples because of their very low blank value of metal elements and superior chemical properties.

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