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What are the precautions for microwave digestion?---Nanjing Binglab

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What are the precautions for microwave digestion?---Nanjing Binglab

MD series microwave digestion instrument adopts the principle of microwave heating to directly heat the sample in a closed digestion tank

As an efficient sample pretreatment, microwave digestion has the advantages of faster heating speed, uniform heating, less reagent consumption, low blank, energy saving and high efficiency compared with traditional electroplate digestion. Especially in the analysis and detection of volatile elements, the integrity of the sample can be well maintained, and the sample recovery rate is high. Microwave digestion instrument has been used in food, textile, geology, metallurgy, plastics, coal, cosmetics, petrochemical, biomedicine, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, battery manufacturing and other fields.

Using the microwave digestion sample processing technology, combined with the AAS method to determine Ag, As, Cr, Cu, Mo, Pb, Sn, Co and other effective state metal elements in the soil, studies have shown that compared with the traditional acid hydrolysis sample treatment, microwave digestion not only has the same analysis results, but also has the advantages of fast, efficient, clean, and less pollution, which can fully meet the requirements of environmental analysis.

The pretreatment of food samples is divided into two types: open digestion and closed digestion. The former includes dry ashing and hot plate digestion, and the latter includes pressure tank digestion and microwave digestion. In contrast, closed digestion can avoid the influence of the environment, the loss of the substance to be tested is small, the consumption of reagents is small, and the digestion speed is fast. Therefore, the standard GB/T 23374 2009 “Determination of Aluminum in Food” uses pressure pot microwave digestion-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) as the detection.

So what should we pay attention to in use?

  1. It is necessary to check whether the instrument is operating normally, whether the rotor is clean, and whether the container is cleaned.

  2. Precautions during sample weighing, confirm that no sample is attached to the inner wall of the inner tube or the sealing ring, etc. When weighing unknown samples, it is necessary to control the dosage within 0.1G to ensure the safety of the microwave digestion instrument. For highly reactive samples, it is also necessary to control the weighing within 0.1g.

  3. Note that during the sample addition process, the sample on the tube wall needs to be rinsed to the bottom of the tube.

  4. Before use, cover the sealing cap and check whether it is damaged, and replace it if necessary.

Some specific parameters of MDS microwave digestion instrument:

  1. Industrial-grade stable reaction and corrosion-resistant furnace cavity: multi-layer imported PFA anti-corrosion coating inside and outside the cavity

  2. Ultra-safe furnace door: self-locking structure to ensure safe operation

  3. Double magnetron continuous microwave emission technology: microwave emission from the top ensures uniform temperature of the digestion tank and more thorough sample digestion

  4. High-power and efficient exhaust system: remove acid mist in time, avoid internal corrosion of equipment, continue low-intensity cooling, and prolong service life

  5. Liquid crystal display intelligent software system: 7-inch super-large touch color screen controller, large-capacity built-in method library, can edit, modify and store a variety of digestion programs arbitrarily, and more convenient to use

  6. Peripheral emergency stop button: to ensure that when an accident occurs, the power can be cut off quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of the operator

  7. Digestion tank carousel combination with multiple fluxes: 12, 20, 24, 40 position high-throughput carousels that can be adapted to conventional needs to meet different application requirements

  8. Whole tank temperature monitoring system: adopts advanced non-contact mid-infrared temperature measurement technology to monitor the internal temperature of all digestion tanks, the temperature measurement is true and consistent, and the digestion is clear at a glance

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