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What is ICP-MS Analyzer?----Nanjing Binglab

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What is ICP-MS Analyzer?----Nanjing Binglab

Excellent corrosion resistance: PFA material can withstand various strong acids, strong alkalis, hydrofluoric acid and organic solvents

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is one of the most important spectroscopic techniques. It is a multi-element technique with extremely high sensitivity and a large linear dynamic range, allowing simultaneous analysis of major components and ultra-trace elements. It is capable of analyzing elements from Li to U and can be applied to both solutions and solids. Solid samples can be analyzed directly (by coupling ICP-MS to a UV laser ablation system) or after dissolution or digestion using a combination of acid, heat and/or pressure.

Typical digestion methods are: microwave digestion (potentially volatile analytes are retained since this is a closed system), Carius digestion (closed system), ashing (oven), hot plate and Peltier.

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is one of the most important spectroscopic techniques.

Application fields:

  • Quantitative analysis of trace elements (μg/g in solid; mg/L in liquid) and trace elements (ng/g in solid; ng/L-μg/L in liquid)

  • in solids, liquids and slurries

  • Surface, Thin Film and Bulk

  • Leachables and Extractables

  • Examples include purity certification, cleaning validation, and contamination identification for a variety of materials and processes of industrial importance to the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries

  • Ultrapure water, cooling water, acids, organic solvents, and photolithographic stripping solutions

  • High-purity oxides and salts, including glasses and high-performance ceramics

  • High-purity carbon materials, including graphite

  • Semiconductor material

  • High-purity metal targets and advanced alloys

  • organic polymer

  • Pharmaceuticals, food supplements, biomaterials and medical devices

  • other materials

In order to reduce the influence of elements on the experimental results, the experimenters will choose high-purity and low-background PFA consumables. The following are common collocations:

To suit applications requiring chemical resistance, high purity and the ability to handle a broad operating temperature range.

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