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What is the difference between Teflon distillation reaction device and glass?

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What is the difference between Teflon distillation reaction device and glass?

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Glass reactor is a multi-functional reactor, which can carry out various biochemical synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions, and can also perform reflux or distillation at different temperatures. It is an important instrument and equipment for biology, medicine and chemical industry, food industry and scientific research and production.

However, when some fluorides such as hydrofluoric acid are involved in the experiment, they will chemically react with the “silicon” in the glass material. At this time, the reaction device made of glass material cannot meet the needs of the experiment, therefore, it is necessary to choose a device made of PTFE or PFA to replace it, which is resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis and organic solvents.

distiller device

PFA flask
PFA flasks usually have the appearance of a round belly and narrow neck. Its narrow mouth is used to prevent the solution from splashing or reduce the evaporation of the solution, and can be used with rubber stoppers to connect other utensils, rotary evaporators, condenser tubes, Separating funnel, transfer tube, etc. When the solution is corrosive (such as hydrofluoric acid) and requires a long reaction or heating to reflux, the PFA flask is selected as the container.

pfa flask

The main purpose
(1) Reactor between liquid and solid or liquid;
(2) Assembling a gas reaction generator (normal temperature, heating);
(3) Distillation or fractionation of liquids (flasks with branch pipes are also called distillation flasks).

Product advantages
1. PFA flasks have single-neck, two-neck, three-neck and four-neck, 17, 19 and 24 standard mouth designs, and each standard mouth is equipped with a stopper.
2. The single neck is integrally formed, and the two, three or four necks are welded
3. Use high-purity PFA material, translucent and visible, low background, no dissolution, no precipitation, pure and pollution-free
4. Temperature resistance -200 to 260°C
5. Strong corrosion resistance (various strong acids and alkalis and organic solvents)
6. PTFE round bottom flasks can be processed according to your requirements, and the specifications and sizes can be processed
7. Rich production experience, exquisite processing, smooth inner wall without water, and uniform wall thickness

Package product
1. Polytetrafluoroethylene condenser tube: used to collect the condensed liquid of the gas after the reaction of the sample
2. Thermometer: used to measure the specific experimental temperature in the reaction tank during the experiment (the glass tube can be put into the reactor with a Teflon tube)
3. Polytetrafluoroethylene constant pressure separatory funnel: used to control quantitative sample addition
4. Teflon collection bottle: used for the collection and storage of reactants after condensation.
5. PTFE stirring paddle: stir the sample and fully react.


PFA condenser tube
A condenser tube is a laboratory device used to induce condensation, usually consisting of two glass tubes, one inside and one outside, with the smaller glass tube running through the larger glass tube. It is a glass instrument that uses the principle of heat exchange to cool and condense condensable gas into liquid. The PFA condenser tube is improved according to the structure of the glass condenser tube. The basic principle is the same as that of the glass one. It can be directly connected to the flask as a condensation reflux device, or it can be connected to a PTFE adapter to condense and recycle it into the receiving bottle.

Used in liquid distillation or organic preparation, it acts as condensation or reflux. The reflux unit and the distillation unit are commonly used in condenser tube experiments.

Common specifications: 250ml 300ml 350ml 500ml (others can be customized)

The characteristics of PFA condenser tube:
1. Strong acid and alkali resistance: aqua regia, magic acid, hydrofluoric acid and various organic solvents;
2. Low precipitation: low metal ion dissolution and precipitation;
3. High and low temperature resistance: operating temperature -200~+260℃;
4. Anti-pollution: low blank value of metal elements.

It is mainly used in some pharmaceutical companies, fluorine chemical industry, new materials and other enterprises. It can be equipped with constant pressure separating funnel, condenser tube, thermometer sleeve, stirring paddle, etc. to form distillation reaction

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