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Which products can we choose for Nanjing binglab pipetting and dropping?

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Which products can we choose for Nanjing binglab pipetting and dropping?

Nanjing Binglab ( is a professional manufacturer of laboratory products, engaged in the production, development and sales of high-tech trace analytical laboratory containers, to fill the gap in China.

Anti-corrosion FEP/PFA microtips for pipettes. Thermo Fisher 1ml/Eppendorf 5ml/Sartorius 0.1ml replacement tips.

There are always some samples that need to be transferred and dropped in the laboratory, because there are acid-base or organic solvents, it is necessary to choose some acid-base-resistant products, and some samples need pipetting vessels with low background value to handle these, so what products can Nanjing Binglab provide? Below are some of the products we have compiled, let’s take a look:


01 Pipette and PFA/FEP tips

The pipette is the most common pipetting tool in the laboratory. As long as it is equipped with a PFA pipette tip with a low acid and alkali resistance background value, the problem of acid and alkali resistance can be solved, and it can also not pollute your experimental samples. Pipette tips of various specifications can be customized by our factory, just need a ordinary plastic tip as sample. The following is a photo of our company customizing the tip for customers.

customized tips

PFA tips

02 PFA/FEP dropper

If there is no pipette in the laboratory and the experiment is only for short-term needs, then you can choose a tubing with a corrosion-resistant rubber cap, or a tubing with an ordinary syringe. The size and specification can be customized according to your requirements to meet your experiment.



03 PTFE syringe – pipetting

Or choose PTFE syringes, the specifications and sizes can be customized, and they are resistant to strong acids and alkalis.


Dropping solution container selection:

customized funnel

The picture is a custom-made funnel, this is a fixed-drop funnel with the scale and a sieve, which has the function of filtering and can add samples in the shape of water droplets.

1 Washing bottle

Corrosion-resistant wash bottle can drop samples in the form of water droplets

wash bottle

2 Dropper bottle

Of course, the corrosion-resistant PFA drop bottle is indispensable.

dropper bottle

03 Teflon acid burette

If there has any other customized products, please feel free to consult, Nanjing Binglab is a laboratory manufacturer that can accept customization!

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