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Why microwave vessel can only use TFM material?----Nanjing BInglab

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Why microwave vessel can only use TFM material?----Nanjing BInglab


Ask: Why do microwave vessels use TFM material?

Answer: I know the reason!

Ask: Well? Then please explain in detail~

Ask: Metal materials do not absorb microwaves, but only reflect them. Metal is used as the cavity of the microwave, and the back and forth reflection acts on the heating substance. Metal containers cannot be placed in the microwave, as the reflected microwave will damage the magnetron.

Ask: The insulator is transparent to microwaves, and it absorbs almost no microwave energy. Such as glass, ceramics, plastics (polyethylene, polystyrene), polytetrafluoroethylene, quartz, paper, etc., they are transparent to microwaves, and microwaves can penetrate them and propagate forward.

Ask: TFM is made of PTFE with less than 1% additives, which belongs to modified PTFE. Melting point 320-340. In addition to all the advantages of PTFE, there are also noteworthy characteristic improvements. The molecular structure of TFM is fish scale-like, Smaller deformation under high temperature and high pressure, smaller permeability, better recovery under high temperature and high pressure, and nice surface finish; the smoothness of the inner wall determines the quality of the product.

Our factory can produce the inner liners of microwave digestion instruments of various manufacturers, which are guaranteed to be consistent with the original manufacturers, and the cost performance is the highest!

CEM 55ml microwave digestion vessel

MARS5/MARS6 40-bit instrument
Specifications: 55ml
Height: 191mm
Diameter: 26mm

Anton Paar microwave digestion vessel

Anton Paar Multiwave GO/PRO
Model: HVT50 Diameter: 35mm Height: 115mm
Model: HVT56 Diameter: 35mm Height: 125mm
Model: HVT80 Diameter: 35mm Height: 170mm

Milestone microwave digestion vessel

Milestone Ethos One/ETHOS UP
Model: ETHOS ONE Type A 10-bit/Type B 12-bit
Specifications: 100ml
Model: ETHOS ONE 41-bit ETHOS UP 44-bit
Specifications: 65ml/80ml

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