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Graphite Block Digetsion System

6 major advantages make sample pretreatment no longer difficult:
1. Fully enclosed design, to a great extent prevent heat loss and effectively avoid acid mist intrusion
2. High-quality graphite three-dimensional wrapped heating, the sample is heated evenly
3. Unique spraying process, the coating is uniform and firm, and it will not fall off after long-term use
4. The digestion speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and samples can be processed in batches
5. PID temperature control system, excellent performance, high temperature control accuracy, temperature difference ± 1 ℃
6. Convenient operation, environmental protection and energy saving, cost saving
7. Split type: the controller can be placed outside the fume hood to reduce acid gas corrosion and have a longer service life
  • BZH16

  • BZH

  • Heavy metal Industry 

  • 48 bars (Hole depth 100mm aperture 31.5mm)

  • 200~+260℃

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Molded

  • 1pc

  • 38kg

  • 7 Working Day

  • LOGO  Packaging  Pattern 

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Product Description

Application case - Determination of heavy metal elements such as cadmium, lead, chromium in soil


1. Weigh 0.2g of soil standard sample GBW-07430 (GSS-16), put it into a 50ml polytetrafluoroethylene digestion tube, add about 1ml of high-purity water to moisten the soil, and shake well;

2. Put the sample tube into the graphite digestion apparatus for digestion;

3. The well-contained samples are filtered and then tested.

Catch acid:

1. The acid system is: 6ml hydrochloric acid, 4ml nitric acid, 1ml perchloric acid and 8ml hydrofluoric acid;

2. It is necessary to add a reflux cover for digestion, and take out the reflux cover during the acid removal stage;

3. The constant volume is 25ml;

4. The acid needs to be rushed to nearly dry.

Binzhenghong XJ Graphite Digester is one of the direct, effective and economical sample pretreatment methods for elemental analysis. The application of new digestion technology has the advantages of rapid temperature rise, program control, complete digestion, and temperature balance. Graphite digestion is often used in sample pretreatment of atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, ICP, ICP-MS, polarography, etc.

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