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Nanjing Binzhenghong helps three soil surveys - improve soil testing efficiency

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Nanjing Binzhenghong helps three soil surveys - improve soil testing efficiency

Improve the efficiency of soil testing and help with three soil surveys

Soil census is an important method to identify soil types and distribution patterns, as well as the quantity and quality of soil resources. The census results can provide scientific support for the scientific classification, planning and utilization, improvement and fertilization, protection and management of soil, and can also provide economic support. Provide decision-making basis for the formulation of major policies for social and ecological construction. People regard food as their heaven, and food as their basis. Soil is the basis of agricultural production and an important support for agricultural production.

This soil test involves total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, total sulfur, total boron, total selenium, total iron, total manganese, total copper, total zinc, total molybdenum, total aluminum, total silicon, total calcium, total magnesium, Available phosphorus, available potassium, slow-acting potassium, available sulfur, available silicon, available iron, available manganese, available copper, available zinc, available boron, available molybdenum, free iron, total mercury, total arsenic, total lead, total cadmium, etc. For the determination of various elements, Nanjing Binzhenghong provides sample pretreatment solutions such as graphite furnace digestion method and electric hot plate digestion method, which are suitable for the pretreatment process in the detection of metal elements in soil samples.

Graphite furnace digestion method

Graphite digestion instrument + digestion tube


Digestion of large sample volumes

The sample volume processed is 2-3 times that of the electric hot plate: up to 63 holes, 72 holes, and 80 holes (hole depth 100mm)

Combination is more favorable

48-hole graphite digestion instrument + 48 PTFE digestion tubes

Digestion tubes from various manufacturers


CEM microwave tube


Anton Paar Microwave Tube


Opule microwave tube

PFA digestion tube

Digest, remove acid, stabilize volume

One-stop operation

Matching heating bracket

The matching metal bracket with anti-corrosion coating can be customized, which can be taken and digested in batches to improve detection efficiency.


Pre-processing should be as simple and streamlined as possible

Classic national standard (extreme version) ---- graphite digestion instrument + four-acid wet digestion + with screw cap

PTFE tube

1. Accurately weigh 0.5000 g ± 0.0010 g of air-dried soil.

2.2-3 mL HF, 2-4 mL aqua regia, cover and heat the tube at 110-120C for 4 hours.

3.4-2 mL aqua regia, 2 mL perchloric acid, cover and heat the tube at 120C for 4 hours.

4. Open the lid and the tube temperature is 150~175°C, smoke and drive out the acid. Try to rush the solution until it is almost dry (not clear), and then cool down slightly.

Add 2 mL of nitric acid in batches at 150~175°C to emit smoke and drive away the acid, do not boil it dry.

Repeat 2-3 times until the tube is clean, the state is flexible, the color is clear, and the liquid is white, light yellow or orange and homogeneous.

Colloidal solid. Generally it takes 6h.

If it is black or turbid, add perchloric acid, and add 0.5-1 mL of acid in batches. Do not add hydrofluoric acid easily

All acid supplements must be added in batches to all samples! Including blanks!! 6. Add 2 mL nitric acid and 10 mL pure water before serving (120°C), cover and dissolve for 4 hours, transfer and dilute to 50 mL.

Hot plate digestion method

Electric hot plate + PTFE crucible

Board surface can be customized

1. The conventional surface of the electric heating plate is: 400*300mm/600*400mm. The size can also be customized according to needs.

2. The temperature rises quickly, the heating is even, and the temperature difference between the board surfaces is small.


Fully automatic graphite digestion instrument


Automatic operation, hands-free, 60-bit batch digestion

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